Today's Jerry O

Jerry Oliver has been writing, recording and performing his original music with various bands and as a solo artist since 1996. With a brand new full band album recorded with producer Jim Reilley (The New Dylans) and a tour scheduled for spring 2020 it was all suddenly put on hold as the pandemic surged. Jerry was also busy with his experimental instrumental and spoken word project, The Birdwatcher Experiment (also produced by Jim Reilley) , just finishing an album including contributions from amazing artists like Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys, Ken Coomer (Wilco), NYC jazz cat Charlie Rauh, performance artist Minton Sparks and others that was also put on the shelf by the record label until later in 2021.  
      So not wanting to stop the creative momentum Jerry started writing new material and has released a handful of digital singles over the last several months as well as putting together a group of timely topical tunes. The new quirky quarantine album, Zombification Of A Nation, is out now on Jerry's own Odd records label preempting the two official releases slated for later in 2021 on Lemon Glove Records.

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