Zombification Of A Nation

Jerry Oliver

This tune doesn't need much explanation. A large portion of the country has spent the last several years duped by a lying, evil motherfucker but some of us have had enough of these zombies and have voted and are kicking the Trumpster out, firing his ass and now can get back to fighting the establishment politicians for equality and justice for all! And rock out while we're at it!
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A Future To Believe In

The Birdwatcher Experiment

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming full band version of The Birdwatcher Experiment project coming in 2021!
Jerry Oliver, Cheetah Chrome, Jim Reilley, Shannon Pollard, Pat Duffy, Ollie Fritsch, LemonGlove Records!
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I Just Want To Play

Jerry Oliver

Hey friends! Here is the official video for our brand new song, I Just Want To Play. We hope you enjoy this exclusive stripped down version! A full band version on our new ep is coming early this summer!
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I'm Sure It Wouldn't Do

Jerry Oliver

I've been writing a bunch of new tunes over the last couple years and started demoing some of them about a year ago at Back Of The Head Studios in Royal, Arkansas. Now we're starting to flesh some of them out and have started recording more fresh tracks at Eastwood Studios in Nashville. It feels like a new official album is in the works but in the meantime we'll be releasing some of the Arkansas tracks and some stripped down demo versions as part of a new series called The Buddha Tree Singles. As a Bandcamp fan club member you'll be among the first to hear any of this stuff. So please enjoy this first release...I'm Sure It Wouldn't Do.
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Jet Engine, Jet Engine

Jerry Oliver

This track was written in honor of our friend and teacher the late great Nashville underground rock god Dave Cloud. Dave loved my cannabis one hitter, especially during his final days and christened it "The Jet Engine." Please enjoy.
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The Wood and the Spark

Jerry Oliver

This is the second in a two album collection of original songs recorded in three sessions in 2014 and 2015.
These performances were recorded totally solo in one take. Jerry O just the way you get him live. No overdubs, doubled vocals or editing tricks. Just a good room, nice mics and a talented engineer to capture Jerry, his guitar and a few pedals while he paints these stories of heritage, loss, inspiration and the big question of existence.
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Believe - Out Now!

Believe - Out Now!

"Jerry Oliver's new album has been captivating me lately. When I discover new music I often want it to take me on a journey. First it challenges and sometimes disturbs before one little moment completely wins me over. Jerry's record has definitely passed that test. Jerry has been quietly working on his craft for years and deserves a much larger audience. Hopefully this record will get him just that. " 

Jim Reilley/The New Dylans

Nashville, are you ready for Americana with a bad ass, trippy guitar? I hope so. Cause he's here.” 
- DJ Glenn McReynolds, WRFN Radio Free Nashville (Lunch With Glenn McReynolds) (Dec 14, 2015)